August 04, 2011


Sunday night Mary, Brad and I flew to Boston. The purpose of the trip was an appointment at Massachusetts General Hospital on Monday afternoon and bone and CT scans on Tuesday.

We arrived a little late on Sunday evening, so we just got some food to go and hung out in at the hotel. Since my appointment wasn’t until 3pm, we walked around the neighborhood. A member of the hotel staff recommended a local cafe, 2nd Street CafĂ©. All I can say is awesome sandwiches and wraps!

As we are accustomed, we arrived at the doctor’s office, checked in, were shown to a room and waited, and waited etc.. The meeting with the doctor was encouraging, and unless something really odd shows up in the scans, I will begin the trial on August 30th. We will know if I qualify for the trial next week.

Monday night we went to Fenway Park to see the Red Sox play the Cleveland Indians. It was a long day for everyone but they stuck with me until the 7th inning. Also, we had to be back at the hospital at 8:30 for blood tests and scans so we didn’t want to be out too late.

I’m not sure what happened, but somehow even after receiving my four inch medical file, someone forgot to provide the pre-medications for the CT scan. Since I have developed an iodine allergy, I have to take Benadryl and prednisone starting the night before. I guess we should have remembered too but we had a few things on our minds. The bone scan went off without a hitch but they had to perform the CT without the contrast. I was told the details of the image just won’t be as well defined as with the contrast.

I was done by 1:00pm so we took the subway over to Kendall Square (near MIT) and then took the subway out to Harvard. We walked around for about an hour and the campus was quite stunning. I hope the environment provided Brad some encouragement and inspiration, not that he needs any!

After Harvard, we headed back to the airport for our 7:25pm flight back to Kansas City. A small storm delayed the arrival of our plane so we didn’t get back to KC until a little after 10pm. When we left Boston, it was in the low 80’s and quite enjoyable, while in Kansas City the high was 110 yesterday! When we stepped out of the terminal last night, it was almost like sticking your head in a hot oven! I know we are all ready for this heat to break!

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Caroline at CDM said...

I work with your old friend Eliu at CDM and he told me about your battle with PC a few years ago--I've been reading your blog weekly ever since. You never cease to amaze me with your courage and positive outlook. I was flying into Boston from Raleigh last Tuesday night and got in just after the storms (around 6:30 p.m.). As I read your latest post, I wondered if I walked past you, Mary, and Brad at the airport, oblivious to the chance meeting. Funny how we really are all so connected, sometimes without even realizing it! Keep up the good fight!