August 11, 2011

In Like Flynn

Before the update, I was curious about the origin of the expression I used in the title, so I Googled it.
The earliest known use of "in like Flynn" in print is in the December 1946 issue of American Speech. Penn State prof Ed Miller reported that students of his who had served in the army / air force during World War II used the expression to mean, "'Everything is OK.' In other words, the pilot is having no more trouble than Errol Flynn has in his cinematic feats."

Now, on with the show. It’s 100%, I’m in the Cabozantinib (XL-184) trial and I can start to take the pill on August 30th. Relieved? Of course we are, but it really won’t sink in until I have pills in hand and take the first dose! The travel will be a little taxing on us, but again, I can go round trip in one day, and so far it appears as though the flight will cost around $200 each trip. The subway goes from the airport to within 25 yards of the hospital so no ZipCar will be required. I hope the time on the ground allows me to see a little bit of Boston and perhaps coordinate trips with a few friends for dinner, etc. I’m really looking forward to the new chapter in the journey.

Tomorrow I will see my local Oncologist for my monthly check up and a few shots. I’m not expecting my PSA to be anything but be slightly higher. This is based on the fact that I will have been off Zytiga for 10 days. Though I had a stretch of 8-9 days without Advil or pain pills, I did have to start taking Advil again on Tuesday. I’m only having to take 3 Advil every 12 hours and am thankful it has not progressed further. As I stated before, the time between now and when I start to take the new meds on the 30th may be a challenge psychologically, but we'll get through it, and hope for a good response to the new treatment!


Anonymous said...


Thanks for the update. Very happy to hear that you are in like Flynn.

God bless ya pal.


Anonymous said...

Got my fingers crossed and a prayer in my heart. Ok ever heard of "out like Stout"?

Tom T said...

Good Luck Dave!