August 17, 2011

34,559 minute countdown

Way too much going on in our world this week. I am currently enjoying a few minutes of alone time at a local coffee shop.

On Monday Mary had a surgical procedure that we had put off for nearly a year. Details are for her to share, not me. I will however add that she showed me inner strength that I never knew existed, and remember we have been married for 20 years! Last night after bringing her home from the hospital we got her settled on the sofa and I went up stairs to put a few things away. I couldn't have been up there for more than 2-3 minutes. I turn around to go back downstairs and who is standing there? Mary! She wanted to lay in bed and not on the sofa while at the same time test her ability to get up the stairs. She has a few weeks of recovery ahead of her but she's well on her way.

I need to thank the "P" family for the dinner and other food to munch on, it was SO much better than the chicken noodle soup she was going to eat! Also, thank you everyone for the flowers!

School starts tomorrow and cross country practice started on Monday. I've never been a runner and am really glad Brad likes it, I wish him well. High school is going to be a great challenge for him, I know he will do great and these 8 semesters will just fly by! (he doesn't like me to say to much about him here so I'll leave it at that, you read between the lines).

I was able to play disc golf again on Sunday and improved my score by two strokes from the week before. Monday however was the beginning of a new pain incident. As with the past it has been controlled with Advil every 8-10 hours, however there were times that even the Advil was not quite enough. I just looked at Mary and realized I needed to tough it out. this morning is so much better so I'm hoping the worst is behind me for now.

The combination of the new medicine I started in June, along with the Prednisone withdrawal are the cause, well that and the increase in the cancer activity. With thirteen days until my next trip to Boston, I can now see the light at the end of the tunnel and it no longer appears to be a freight train!


Anonymous said...

My best wishes to Mary for a speedy recovery and to you, too, as you begin the trial. As always, your sharing your path is a great help to many of us in similar situations.

Your friend,

Melvyn Adams said...

Just a Hi fom a gleason 9 - six months since diagnosis - in England - just spent 4 hours reading your blog - way to go!!

Best of luck with the Cabozantinib - the early results look spectacular.

Sending prayers to you and Mary. God never gives us a challenge without sending the Holy Ghost to give us the strength and courage to meet that challenge.