February 23, 2011


It was just a brief comment during a phone call. The friend, and fellow PCa patient, said something to the effect of  “You are out there trailblazing for me and the rest of us!”

Trailblazing? Wow, I never looked at it that way. Perhaps I was living in a momentary bout of selfishness? I was looking at my current clinical trial from a me, me, me point of view. Yes, it is true I really need this treatment to work, but just as important, we, all of us fighting this disease, need it to work. 

This past week I have been dealing with a bit of back pain. It is manageable, but I do plan to discuss with Dr. A in Atlanta on Thursday and with Dr.V next Monday. It's on my right side and feels like it is in the middle of one of my ribs. After doing some research on line this afternoon, I learned that back pain is one of the listed side effects for the clinical trial drub, so I am hopeful that is the source of the pain, versus a bone met.   Tylenol and Advil have been taking care of it and I have spent the last few nights sleeping on the heating pad, which has helped as well.

Tomorrow I will complete my second one-day round trip to Atlanta. When I printed my boarding pass for the departing flight this morning, the forecast said 61 and sunny in Atlanta. I just print the boarding pass for my return flight and the forecast says 41 and snow flurries in KC when I return! If my flight is oversold, I might just have to get off and stay the night. (Just kidding Mary!)

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