February 10, 2011

Like a finely tuned Swiss watch

4:30am wake up
5:01am showered, dressed and and out the door
5:43am arrive at KCI, terminal A
6:35am flight departs on time
9:22am arrive ATL Hartsfield
9:59am with large vanilla latte, board Marta red line
10:28am arrive at Arts Center Station
10:36am unlock the Zip Car
10:54am arrive at Oncologist's office (only 9 minutes late)
11:35am finish appt with medical staff and depart
11:41am finally get to have breakfast, coffee
12:22pm return Zip Car
12:26pm board Marta to airport
12:57pm arrive at Hartsfield
1:25pm Pass through TSA, no pat down required
3:45pm Return flight to KCI, on-time and with another open middle seat
6:02pm Back home, dinner with the family!

I can only hope that future trips go so well!

1 comment:

carol said...

glad everything went well, thought about you all day,may all trips be so smooth! love carol