February 17, 2011

Lucky #7, again

Last Friday, February 11th marked the six year anniversary of my diagnosis. A few of us gathered at a local watering hole for a few beers and some lively conversation. I wasn’t up for anything big, and this was a big step from years past when I may have blogged about it or discussed the significance of the day with Mary.

I can’t imagine a day when we have a big party celebrating remission, a cure, etc.  But I can imagine a ten year celebration. After all, I’m now practically a week into year seven!

There is so much going on right now. Work is keeping me busy. It’s that time of year when I put together the catalog for our annual church auction/fundraiser. I also am preparing for a speech the first week of March. I will share more about this event with you at a later date. I also have been asked to submit a short letter for inclusion in one of the PC advocacy group's annual report. We have an FLHW Board meeting this week and I also have a committee meeting for a different project at church. So I guess that answers the question that might have guided you to log in to my blog, ‘I wonder how David is doing?”!

My presentation is all but complete, I just need to practice.  The draft of the letter is currently being reviewed and tweaked by editorial staff (Mary). Keeping busy benefits me in many ways, but the main one is to keep my mind off of the disease. I don't dwell on it often or for very long, and I appreciate the many distractions that I have throughout my day to avoid it from becoming a constant obsession.

So in conclusion, as I begin year seven, I once again feel blessed and remain optimistic about the future.


LeftTenant said...

Bravissimo, David! We can only run THIS leg of the prostate cancer relay the best we can until the next leg of health/survivorship is invented. You are a great example to everyone on LIVING your life and not getting caught up and operated fully by a cancer diagnosis. Thanks for the many lives and quality of lives you inspire around you.

John Wagner said...

Whew, I got tired just reading about all the things going on. Congratulations on this milestone. I look forward to congratulating you on year 10 and beyond.

Anonymous said...


Dan Zenka said...


When we spoke this morning, I hadn't realized that you had just passed your seventh year since diagnosis. While it might sound odd, I have to say congratulations. Your faith and perseverance are inspirational. My one year milestone since diagnosis is coming up in April. That time is somewhat of a blur--it seems like an eternity, yet it seems like just yesterday. Cancer can really play with one's perceptions!

Wishing you health and good outcomes with prayers for you and your family.


Swati Mittal said...


Congratulations ! I am also looking forward for the remission party..it will happen!

With best wishes and prayers
Swati Mittal