May 25, 2010

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

I could have sworn I used this title before but after searching the blog, I'm in luck, the title is available!

Let's start off with "The Good" - I've been off Advil for nearly two days. After experiencing quite a bit of pain in my left hip last week and earlier, things took a turn for the better over the weekend. I still don't have full leg motion, but being able to put the Advil aside is great. I was at the point where I was taking 800mg every 8 hours. This isn't an issue once in a while, but long term use at this level can cause stomach issues. I walked a mile yesterday morning and worked out for about twenty minutes this morning. While at the oncologist's office yesterday I had my left hip x-rayed. If this turns out to be arthritis then it looks like I might add Celebrex to my daily dosage of meds. Updates on this to follow. It's strange that I am hoping that it is arthritis. The alternative is not a welcome thought at this time.

"The Bad" also has to do with yesterday's appointment. My PSA number came back and it has once again gone up a little. Currently my PSA is 129.6, up from 118.3 last month. No panic has set in, we just hope to bend the curve next month!

"The Ugly" is the fact that I will be looking for a job as of June 30th. Though I have known about this since September, there were some indications until yesterday that the date may be extended. It's not all that terrible, I have 36 weeks of severance. Additionally, and perhaps most importantly, I can switch to Mary's health insurance next year when mine runs out. With twenty years of experience in telecommunications and a pretty solid resume I have faith I'll find something in due time.

Oh but there's more...Looks like out air conditioner just went out! When the thermostat is set at 76 and the temperature in the house is 86, you know there is problem! To top that off, the U2 tour was just postponed until 2011, so much for my first live U2 experience this summer!

In closing, I want to add this cliché ridden statement; "It's all good people!" Seriously, we've been down this road before and we'll come out better when it's all through.

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Brian - Prostate Cancer IV said...

Too bad about U2. Just gives you one more thing to look forward to. I know the pain in your hip will lessen. Mine comes and goes, too. Always praying for you. All my best.