May 05, 2010

Quite memorable

I heard this on television last night; "The things you do for yourself die with you. The things you do for others lives on forever"

I did paraphrase this, and although I searched for the original source, I could not locate it. However, it remains my unwritten mantra. Even before I was diagnosed with prostate cancer, I was the type of person to jump in and help others without anticipation of reciprocal favors. This idea lives on in Faith, Love, Hope, Win. The foundation is not about helping David, it is and will remain about helping others battling this disease by supporting the research for better treatments and perhaps one day a cure for advanced prostate cancer.

Isn't it sad that so many people in our society live with a mindset completely opposite, the old, "What's in it for me?" approach to life. The gift of life is too short to live that way. I continue to believe I was put here for a reason and given prostate cancer in order to help others. "It's not all about Me", as I have said many times in the history of this blog.

I am looking forward to Friday and Saturday's FLHW events. I know they will go well, but I always get nervous leading up to our events. Once again the weather is forecasted to cooperate. Saturday will be a chilly 42 when we get started in the morning, but perfectly sunny with temperatures climbing into the mid-sixties!

I walked the disc golf course yesterday with the owner and his wife. They are truly good, generous people. Even though I have played the course a dozen times I couldn’t help express my gratitude to them for the use of this piece of property. To repeat an earlier description; where the subdivisions end on the south end of Overland Park is where this property and the 'country' begins.

With that thought, I close by repeating the quote I started with because it applies to these people as well as to myself: "The things you do for yourself die with you. The things you do for others lives on forever".

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