May 12, 2010

Five thousand reasons to say thank you!

The events of this past weekend were absolutely exhausting! I wouldn't however have it any other way based on the outcome!

We raised over $5,000 for advanced prostate cancer research!

On Friday night we held our second annual Friday Night in the Greenhouse event. It was a great time and not only did I run into some old friends, I met a few new ones as well. Words cannot express how grateful I am to the people at Suburban Lawn and Garden and specifically to the Stuecks. You are unbelievably generous with both your time and resources.

Saturday was our third annual Prostate Cancer Doubles Shootout, disc golf tournament. The event has grown each year and in 2010 we continued the trend. 42 teams registered for this years event. We had sponsorship from a regional micro-brewery, and the weather was perfection and the FLHW Board came through with another great lunch!

My day began at about 6:00am and I was out the door by 6:45 in order to get things started. I was well rested and still reeling in the events of the day before; the greenhouse and the fact I got another hole in one... details and an update to follow. It was a chilly 41 degrees as the golfers began to arrive, but as the crowd increased, so did the temperatures. We were able to get the first round started about twenty minutes late, but we had built a little flexibility into the schedule.

I was partnered with my friend and the co-tournament director Gary and we played with a few other friends. Our round started out normal; Par-Birdie-Par and as we approached the short forth hole we were greeted by the owner of the course and fellow FLHW board member Mark. These two, along with the five others I was playing with began to lightly jab at me regarding my hole-in-one on this very hole the day before. Cries of "Come on hot shot, let's see it again" were never ending as I walked to the tee box. I grabbed the same disc, and let go what immediately felt like the exact same throw. The result?

Another ace! Same disc, same hole, two days in a row!!

This is my disc sitting in the basket on Friday

As I've shared with others, I was mobbed! I've never been high-fived, back slapped or hugged so much in my life! It was unbelievable!

It was a personal highlight for the day but the success of the event overall was even better! Once again I met many new people and hopefuly convinced a few to get tested for PCa. We raised a lot of money for the cause and enjoyed some awesome disc golf on a beautiful, private course.

I would be remiss if I did not close with thank you to the following:
The FLHW Board; Rich, Mark, Steve, Chris
Bill and Bo
All the players
Tallgrass Brewery
Gorilla Boy Bags
Avery Jenkins
Johnny's Tavern
Llywelyn's Pub
and all the others sponsors

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