April 29, 2010

This is big, this is REALLY big!

Today the Federal Drug Administration approved Provenge for use in certain men with advanced prostate cancer. Here is the press release: http://bit.ly/bgfhul

This is the first new treatment for advanced prostate cancer to be approved in something like 15 years.

With an estimated 192,280 new cases of prostate cancer each year, and with approximately 27,360 men expected to die from the disease in 2009, this is significant. Just to be clear, this is NOT a cure. Provenge is a new treatment that has shown a survival benefit of four months
over the current treatment, Taxotere. Additionally, it is given over three treatments spanning a month and the side effects are significantly less than those associated with chemo (Taxotere).

There are a lot more details to be released from Dendreon such as availability, cost and where it will be available. Dendreon has provided more information at: http://www.provenge.com

My ability to use it in the future is uncertain. I'm not sure I will qualify and I'm not sure how much and/or where I can even get it for some time. The important thing is that it is now another viable option in my very narrow inventory of future treatment options.

All in all, a good day, no a great day for the cause!

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Dan said...

Great news for us whether or not we qualify to use it. At least there's one more option in the toolkit.

My new oncologist says it's looking like abiraterone acetate will be ready for approval (if all the stars line up) by the end of the year. That one is looking very promising.

Dan in Utah