April 20, 2010

Park it

Looks like I'm going to have to permanently park the stationary bike. Last week, after two eighteen minutes rides of 4.6 miles on Tuesday and Friday, I began to experience some pain in my thighs and hips. Advil is helping but sleeping has been restless the past few nights.

Not riding is kind of a big deal. I'm not a runner and now I'm not a biker, so I'm going to have to find another source for a cardio workout? Swimming might be an option but I have always been the type that leaving the house to work out just doesn’t happen. If I can’t walk down stairs to do it, I won’t. I'm still working out the upper half of my body, but Mary and I may have to start walking on a regular basis in order to exercise my lower half.

Overall, the new treatment seems to be working, if I can base it on how I feel. I will find out next Monday when we have our monthly appointment with Dr. V. and I have another blood test. I have a have a pretty good feeling that we will get good results.

Spring is in full bloom and I really can’t wait to get some flowers in the ground over Mother's Day weekend!

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Amy said...

See if someone has a concept 2 erg rower you could borrow since it's a different body position it might not put as much pressure on your legs