April 08, 2010

drawing a blank .....

If you are one of the fans of this blog and you happen to have advanced metastatic Prostate Cancer, there is a group that needs your help. Oxford Outcomes is conducting a survey and is struggling a little to find participants. Not only can you help the cause, you can earn $50 just for spending an hour on the phone answering questions.

I completed the survey the other day. It was very easy.

Just call Shadi and she'll let you know if you qualify and how to participate.
Shadi Gholizadeh
Research Associate
Oxford Outcomes 7315 Wisconsin Ave., 250W Bethesda, MD USA 20814
T: 240.482.0034/ Fx: 240.482.0043

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Dan said...

I did the survey last week. Shadi said they have interviewed mostly younger men and so they're needing older men at this point (over 55). They may open it up to men with rising PSA but no detectable metastasis as well.