April 26, 2010

From the Urban Dictionary: I'm Down

short for, "I'm down with that", meaning, "I am in agreement with the current topic of discussion."

PSA…..down another seven percent to 118.3!

Yes, it is still high, but a decrease is a decrease and as my statistics teacher use to say: two data points make a trend line! Another indication that things are better is another marker that we track to determine the cancer activity in my body, my Alkaline Phosphatase level is down to 40, the lowest it has been in close to two years.

Overall, the past four weeks have flown by. Between work and planning for the two upcoming FLHW events in May, the days go by quickly. I played in a disc golf tournament on Saturday. After 36 holes in the rain, my legs seem to have fully recovered from the strain I unknowingly put on them riding the stationary bike. I was just trying to get in a little cardiovascular exercise! Mary has mandated that the bike is now off limits. Yes I know, it's for my own good. We're committed to walking on a regular basis, so that will be the new regimen.

That's all for now. I find I have so much less to say when the news is good! Go figure.


Anonymous said...

Great news David. Very happy to hear this. Thanks for posting the update.

Peace be with you.


Anonymous said...

David ,
I am down with your good news and it seems the DES is perhaps Your most effective treatment so far . I think You will get long time stability out of this one . What is really impressive is the return of the alk phos to the lower end of normal .As you know this indicates a normalization of bone activity.
I was recently touring Ireland it was a great trip and I did pray for You at the Our Lady of Knock shrine.

Dan J

Anonymous said...

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