March 29, 2010

We Got To Get You A Woman

As funny as I thought I was being with the Helen Reddy post, I promised Mary to lay off the references to the whole 'woman' thing.

With this post I am hoping for little leniency, or forgiveness? However, come to think of it this has nothing to do with being a woman or feeling like one.

Being a Todd Rundgren fan it just came to mind and I wanted to share.

Why? When your PSA goes down 40% in 10 days you have to sing about something!

One final note, as we have in the past, we are cautiously optimistic for long term results. Yes it's good news and without a doubt I am going to enjoy the next 28 days!

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Terry Herbert said...

That's great news, David. Makes it even more puzzling why DES is not used more often. Anecdotally, time and again I hear of men who have managed to get themselves onto DES and do remarkably well - for many years, so long may tour lum reek as the Scots say:-)