November 26, 2007

Sounds of the Season

We spent the weekend helping the economy by taking our annual trip to the lake with my brother and sister in law and children, viewed the Christmas light displays and started Christmas shopping at the lake in Osage Beach.
It was a great time - anytime spent around family usually is! Mary would add that anytime spent shopping is also a great time!
Between Thanksgiving and last night I ate way too much!
Solacing to my gastrointestinal pain were the Missouri Tigers winning on Saturday night! My apologies to all you Kansas fans!
A few items I mentally noted, mostly while standing in the cold as the dog did his business at 7:00am:
> I love the sound of rain on the steel roof of a boat dock.
> If you haven't, you must experience the sound of rain as it lands on the branches and freezes to trees. You will need to find a real quiet place, one with no highway or traffic noises.
> Travel can be fun, but coming home can be so appeasing.
> I really enjoy Mary's pumpkin pancakes.

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