November 12, 2007


I had a lot of time over the weekend to think. To think about nothing, to think about life, family, prostate cancer, the usual. I spent the weekend away from Mary and Brad with my brother Doug, brother-in-law Rich, and a few other friends, as they deer hunted.

I don’t hunt, so I just hung out around the cabin, finished a book, chopped wood, watched a few movies and listened to them discuss “would of, could of, should of”. As I write this, it’s Sunday morning. No one has gotten the big buck yet.

I look out the windows across the back of the cabin, I view the beauty of north central Missouri and I wonder what is next for me? When will it come? How will I react? After a few minutes the thought passes.

Next Sunday will mark thirty-three months. So much has changed, one thing remains constant; I have a terminal disease that may one day take my life. Even after this long, as I write these words, I am still stopped in my tracks. Again, the pause is brief, I go on, I must go on.

Today is one-one, one-one; November 11th. My grandmother would have been 102 today.

However, today my thoughts wander to one person in a big world, making a difference? I am just one person, in a big world, trying in little ways to make a difference. I suppose I am, I wish I could do more, that is not to say I am not proud of what has been accomplished to date.

That is it, not one thought, just one man in one big world.


Foods I love;

- Salmon, grilled on a cedar plank with a glaze made from olive oil, brown sugar, thyme and cayenne pepper.

- White chili - prefer chicken to turkey. The more spice, the better. Served with Mary’s corn bread.

- My smoothie – even after 500 of these, every Monday thru Friday for 33 months.

- Mary’s red sauce with roasted tomatoes and garlic on any pasta noodle.

- A crisp, fresh pear

A new favorite song........

I’m just sittin’ out here,

Watchin’ airplanes,

Wonderin’ which one,

You might be on?


Anonymous said...


You are one man in a big world. You are one man making a BIG difference in this big world. Even though you are one man you have found ways to multiply your efforts which is like multiplying yourself.

Jesus was one man in a big world and yet He was able to multiply Himself throughout mankind. Think of all the preachers and all the many religions and all the millions of people throughout the world who to this day honor the one Man and the words that He spoke.

History has shown that one man can make a difference and you are in good company my friend.

Anonymous said...

I am glad you don't linger "there" for too long. There is much left for you to do here.