November 16, 2007

My other brothers

I don't think I've gone into much detail regarding this subject, but I know I have referenced it on a number of occasions.

I have two brothers, I love them both dearly. My brother in law Rich is also like a brother to me. However, there is another group of brothers that are becoming more and more important in my life. They are my Prostate Cancer 'brothers'. They live in New York, Texas, New Zealand, Australia, England and more. There is one gentleman who lives in Colorado, he is a firefighter. I don't know him real well, we are just getting acquainted. We spoke briefly at the conference in Los Angeles back in September.

After the golf tournament I sent him one of our caps. Below is the response I received:
Thanks again for the cap, Dave. I wore it the other day in the rain as my crew walk/ran for our PT. I like the kinship that my cancer has allowed me with the variety of other men/women facing these health challenges. You and many of our Brothers are very inspiring as they address their lives as dads, husbands, and vocationalists—all while under the load of a cancer diagnosis and/or management.
I hope you agree, enough said.

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Tony Crispino said...

Very well stated. Another prallel for us. My real brother is a fireman in Southern California. He was pretty busy a few weeks back. He worked 6 days straight on the fire lines. I will see him this Thanksgiging weekend. I hope you have a great Thanksgiving. I will probably have a very meaningful Thanks in my prayers. I owe one big heartwarming thanks to God for allowing me to enter the holidays with an undetectable PSA. But I will also be thinking of you and all of our brethren with prostate cancer. ~Tony, Your brother in Las Vegas