October 17, 2007

Two, niner, zero, zilch, nill

Confused? Let me explain.....

Our 3rd Annual Golf Tournament was a tremendous success and I am proud to announce today that we raised over $26,000, exceeding our $25,000 goal. In addition, by adding the donations we received throughout the year, via United Way and a few other events, our total donation to the Prostate Cancer Foundation will be $29,000!

I am so very proud of the effort by the FLHW Board, friends, family and many, many others. Jim P., Rich and especially Pete, what you did this year is very moving. I'm struggling for words (hard to believe, I know!!) ...in less than three years, actually about 30 months, we have donated almost $68,000 to the Prostate Cancer Foundation. Each year the donation was matched bringing the total to nearly $136,000.

Here is one of the thoughts I shared before we began the tournament.....
"A thought to ponder. In its advanced form, prostate cancer is lethal, currently there is no ‘CURE”. As I mentioned, every 19 minutes an American man will die from the disease. To put this in perspective, one man will die for each hole we play today."

So maybe we just did a little bit to change this to twenty minutes, or twenty one, or more!

Thanks everyone - I love you and couldn't do any of this without you.

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Anonymous said...

God bless you, David. Keep up the good fight. I wish for you the day you can tell your grandkids about how faith, love, hope and YOU helped to conquer this beast.