October 16, 2007


Last Saturday morning started with rain, much needed rain.

This put a damper on disc golf but gave Mary and I a chance to catch up on a number of chores around the house. As we worked, I fired up the iPod. After a few songs the list switched to songs that begin with the letter 'R'. So on a rainy Saturday, it was only appropriate that songs that started with the word 'Rain...' were playing. Very appropriate!

Sunday morning was spent playing disc golf, of course. It was just Rich, Pete and myself at Kansas City's "Swope Park". A great disc golf course, near the Zoo, so you can hear the occasional wild animal sounds. I played better than I have in months, winning by four shots. I don't beat these two very often and rarely do I get the best of both of them at the same time! Sorry gents, I had to brag this time.

Fall has arrived in KC, cool mornings, and afternoons that peak in the seventies. I love this time of year for disc golf. I guess you know what we'll be doing next Saturday morning.......

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