October 24, 2007

The Death of the Moonflower

It's Fall, with it's commencement, we enter my least favorite season.

With Fall comes death all around us, natural death but death none the less. Followed by Winter, which has it's moments but I digress. Fall; leaves fall, the grass goes dormant, the gardens dwindle and least pleasing of all, the moonflowers depart for another year.

Our Moonflower patch is approximately three years old. This photo was taken approximately six months after we established the area. We got started after Pete provided just three small starter plants. If you're not familiar with moonflowers they get their name because the large, white, fragrant blooms open at night. There are times when the scent of the blooms fill our entire backyard.

And so I until next year, no more cool evenings with the window agape and the scent of the moonflower filling our home.

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garywlafreniere said...

We need to build you a small green house....or you can do as I did in high school and get some heat lamps for your closet.....lol....kidding..