October 29, 2007

I love a parade.....

I started this entry (from Boston) thinking it would be real easy to find the Broadway show or movie that this song came from....well I couldn't!

What I did find out was more than I ever wanted to know about Harold Arlen. Not only did he write "I Love a Parade", but also "Stormy Weather", "Over the Rainbow" and many, many more. My suspicion was that it came from "Music Man" but I could find no evidence to support this idea.

Anyway, I'm in Boston for a conference and while I had hoped to spend the evening in some local restaurant or pub watching the Red Sox win the World Series, the Rockies did as well as my Cardinals did against the Sox in 2004. So now I might have an opportunity to witness the 2007 World Series Parade in downtown Boston.... depends on the start time and my schedule at the conference tomorrow.....

My next monthly doctor appointment is a week from today. I find myself very indifferent about next week. Perhaps because, once again, there is no change in how I feel. This is a good thing - certainly no complaints! So, I'll have some 'chowdah' with an old friend tomorrow night and some local seafood and travel home on Wednesday night. Happy Halloween and a Blessed All Saints day as well!

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