October 17, 2006

While you're back there....

Yesterday's transfusion went off without a hitch.  Before hand, we briefly met with Dr. H.  He asked if I was experiencing any side effects from the Ketoconazole (I'm not) and how I was feeling in general.  We also discussed the clinical trial at KU Medical Center as those doctor's had sent him a letter after our visit a few weeks back.  He was in favor of us pursuing the trial.  He also told us not to expect too much from next weeks PSA test.  As much as the number fluctuates, it could go up at first.  If it does, the PSA test I have on 11-13 will likely be the final indicator.  If my number is up next week and in November we will proceed to chemo (my thought is as quickly as possible!).  

Being that I was due for my Lupron (Hormone Therapy) shot we made a quick call to Dr. Davis' office and caught Nurse Mel at the St. Luke's office, it happens to be right across the parking lot from Dr. H.

So we killed two birds etc…  This shot is always fun, leaves the gluteus maximus a little sore for two or three days!

"How was your day?" Just a typical Monday, and you?

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