October 16, 2006

The smell of freshly mowed grass...

One thing that has changed throughout this crazy journey is my diet.  I've touched on it briefly from time to time, but never provided very much insight.  If you have any interest in what changes I have made, to maintain a more healthy weight, here is a list of the foods that are now staples in my diet:

- gala apples
- baby carrots
- sushi (just the fish on rice, with wasabi!!)
- Pad Thai with chicken and shrimp, medium spicy
- grilled Salmon and most any grilled fish
- asparagus, anyway but raw
- broccoli (steamed)
- raisins
- pasta. (I always loved pasta, now I avoid the white sauce and use no cheese)
- chicken…..did I mentioned chicken, and then there is chicken.

This diet limits our options with the exclusion of beef, pork and dairy, but when you are married to "the woman with 10,000 recipes", it never gets boring.

I mowed the grass this weekend for the first time in almost two years.  In the spring of 2005 we decided to have our fifteen year nephew mow for us.  He liked earning some cash, and I needed one less thing to strain my back.  Well he was out of town this week-end and I have been feeling great for the last ten days, so I thought I'd give it a whirl!  I'm glad to report I had no issues with pain later on Saturday or Sunday!!  This may appear to be no big deal but it is a rather significant step.  No, I'm not for hire…..

In approximately 3 1/2 hours I'll be in the process of being injected with my second treatment of Zometa.  The treatment itself is nothing; a small bag of fluid (maybe 12oz?) provided intravenously.  The whole process takes less than thirty minutes.  What followed last time was not so easy.  Three to four days after the infusion I had pain in my ribs for a few days and then pains in my legs for about a week. Though the pain was relatively mild, and easily controlled by Advil, it was accompanied by an increased level of mental stress.  She doesn't mention it, but I can tell it weighs heavily on Mary's mind.  For me, it just causes second guessing about what's really going on inside my body.  Is it the Zometa working? Is it a sudden turn for the worse? Etc..

Having gone through this four weeks ago, a least we will know what to possibly expect.

If it is a side effect of the Zometa, that is fine. The Zometa is strengthening the areas of bone that have been compromised by the cancer cells.

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Anonymous said...

David, God is with you. He sits next to you every time you have an injection. He looks over your shoulder as you write this blog. He is with Mary and Brad as they go through this with you. He is keeping score when you play disk golf. He is running through your veins guiding the Zometa to it's target. Whenever- whereever you are He is with you. He has a plan for you.