October 20, 2006

20 Months and counting

For those of you in KC, have you been outside today? I should be on the course (ball or disc!!) We have a good chance of rain tomorrow so it may be two weeks in a row without playing.
Any Cardinal fans out there? How 'bout them Birds!! I was jumping around our bedroom like a fool last night!! Mary and Brad thought I was nuts! I don’t know what was more exciting, Molina's homer in the ninth or watching as the $14 Million dollar 'Cardinal Killer' Carlos Beltran's knees buckle on a called strike three!!! Nothing like a guy making one fortieth of your salary striking you out looking in the bottom of the ninth, with the bases loaded! It was classic!!! Now we face the Tigers, I'm not sure we have the pitching to hang with these guys, but then again, I wasn't confident that we could beat the Padre's or the Mets. That's why they play the game.
Day 4 post Zometa treatment #2, nothing to report. Lower back pain, gone. No Advil since Tuesday.
Golf Tournament Update:
Many people have been asking, I was hoping to get all our checks and bills in first to make it 100% official, but what the heck, the cat's out of the bag: WE DID IT!!! We reached our goal of raising $20,000!!! The next step is for the board to meet next week and approve the financials. Even better news is we still have a chance to double the donation. A generous donor to the Prostate Cancer Foundation is matching all donations, dollar for dollar!
Do you like Texas Hold 'em?
Then join us on Monday November 13th at Johnny's Tavern on 135th Street! Click here for all the details.


John E said...

You bet Cards fans are here! New series, best of 5 with the next three at home. I like the Cards chances!

Anonymous said...

David a huge congratulations on the fund raiser! What a huge accomplishment. I know you had many volunteers but none of this would have happened without you.

I am humbled and amazed at how you have gone about dealing with cancer. You are an ispiration to so many people.

You have taken lemons and turned them into a lemonade fountain. A fountain of hope, love and faith. A fountain for all to drink from. You truely deserve credit for making this event a reality but in knowing you I am sure you give all the credit to God and rightfully so.

God without a doubt broke the mold when he made you. We need more Davids in this world.

God Bless you and yours