October 09, 2006

Still looking for my Kryptonite...

…and I pray I never find it!!!

First, let me be clear, I am not saying I am Superman.  What I am saying is this, I am experiencing no side effects after one week of the new drug regime.  Zero nausea, no additional fatigue, I'm not any more tired than usual.  I'm just praying that the drugs are actually working, I'd like to keep chemo at bay for as long as possible.

It's Fall.  The trees are changing here in Kansas City.  It happened real fast this year, at least it seemed like it to me.  One week it was 95 degrees, the next week the trees are yellow, orange, red, etc..  As I posted before, I love Fall, but prefer Spring.  It's just that Fall, with it's beauty fades too fast and leads into the doldrums of Winter. Spring is about new life, the return of the beauty of nature and so on.  I hope to find the time this coming weekend to get outside in the woods to enjoy the colors, I hope we have a good weather weekend ahead.

I spent this past weekend working on projects around the house and playing disc golf, twice.  It was a small crowd this weekend, but I played remarkably well after taking two weeks off.  There were only four of us on Saturday and three yesterday, I won both times, throwing a three over par on Saturday and two over yesterday.  Not bad considering I only had one birdie, just a whole lot of pars!  I'm already looking forward to next weekend and it's only Monday!

We should have a final update on the final count of the golf tournament, there are one or two checks still outstanding and the details of the golf course invoice are in the mail.  In the end, I'm pretty certain we will make our goal of $20,000 donation to PCF (to be matched dollar for dollar via the Prostate Cancer Foundation).

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Eric Doucette said...

David, I was directed to your blog via friends, the Taylor's. I have recently been diagnosed with Follicular Lymphoma and they just placed me at stage IV. Not to happy about this news. Staying positive, I know, is probably 1st and foremost when thinking in terms of a positive outcome. I was wondering though if you suggest any particular books to read on nutrition and exercise. Glad you're feeling well on your new regimen. Healthyeric.com sends you to my blog.