October 27, 2006

The monkey takes a break.....

For the past few days things have been a wee bit anxious. I had blood drawn on Wednesday and we have been waiting on pins and needles since.

Mary and I are apparently becoming old pro's at this, we talked about it briefly at lunch the other day, but we know where we are on the roller coaster, why go over it again and again. Maybe we should talk about it more, however after all these years of marriage, like most couples, there is a lot of non-verbal communication.

Have I strung you along long enough? Here is the news; my latest PSA is 51.48. Four weeks ago it was 83.97. While 51.48 is not very good in the grand scheme of things, it does represent a decrease of almost 40%!!! In addition, all my other blood, liver measurements are normal!

Next step, keep taking the combination of Ketoconazole and Hydrocortisone. Then I'll have a new blood test and Zometa treatment #3 on November 13th. If the numbers down, we keep on keeping on. If they go up, then we discuss with the doctor's if we give it another month or jump right into chemo. I was left with the impression after our last meeting that either way we're off the hook until December.

So goodbye little monkey, get off my back and go stand in the corner for awhile. As a matter of fact, why don’t you just let yourself out and don’t come back!
Today's musical interlude comes from Big Head Todd and the Monsters and their 1993 album "Sister Sweetly". The song is "Circle" and it goes something like this:
As I pick you up,
You drag me down,
As I come to you,
You turn around,
Rise and fall,
Turn the wheels,
'cause all life is a really just a circle…..


John Wagner said...


This really IS good news. A 40% drop is terrific. I am praying the next time it drops again. The very best to you and the family.

Anonymous said...

Great news is music to the ears. I have been in wait for this. A new trend has begun.

Peace be with you brother.


Eric Doucette said...

Pins and needles, roller coasters and monkeys.
I'm replacing them with soft pillows, a row boat alone on a serene lake, and fluffy kittens.