January 05, 2006

No CHEMO for now....

I don't know the details -(I'm on a conference call at work) but Mary talked to the Oncologist office and NO CHEMO for now!!!

My PSA number went down slightly and apparently my Radiology report was improved from February!!!

More details later - this will definitely change the style of haircut I get on Saturday!!!! Perhaps a shag vs. the Marine Corp style I was considering!!!!

If you don't believe in FLHW - you might want to reconsider! I am not saying that later we won't find ourselves in the same place, facing chemo, but I myself am a true believer in the power of Faith-Love and Hope!!!

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John Wagner said...

Fantastic!!! Congratulations! FLHW is right. I also, as you, believe in the power of prayer. Prayer of thanksgiving being sent.