January 31, 2006

Celebration, clarification and confirmation.

Today I received the result of my latest blood test and my PSA number is down, way down: 0.46

No typo there, the decimal point is correctly placed!!!

The nurse made an odd comment when giving the news to me. She said that's down a lot from 1.85 in December.

I asked her where did she get 1.85, my number was 7.4?

She said, "No I'm looking at your last test results and it shows 1.85, that's why we decided not to proceed with Chemo"

I briefly got into a debate that she told both Mary and myself, independently, that the last number was 7.4 - I decided that I'd rather not have any rain on today's parade and let it go…..for now.

We are both a bit concerned, how could she have mistaken "7.4" for "1.85"? I have it in my written notes, that is exactly what she said back on the 6th.

So, take a deep breath, and hold tight for 30 more days!!

When I began this blog, and when we started FLHW, I did so for several reasons. Some of those were selfish, to give me time to reflect on things, to express myself in another manner, etc. One of the major reasons for both the blog and the foundation were to reach out and help others. Not only do I receive comments here but I receive direct email and personal notes from people. It's the circle of life at work. I help you, you inspire me, you help me, I inspire you and on and on.

One person in particular, a complete and total stranger until about 8 weeks go is JohnW from outside of Austin, TX. He paid me a great honor today, he stroked my ego a little, but most of all he confirmed once again that I fight for many reasons - most of them aren’t about me………

a link to his blog is above, pay it a visit


John Wagner said...

As I said in my email to you today, I am celebrating for and with you. God is good!

Karen said...

WOW!!!! What great news!!! And what a great blog entry that JohnW wrote about you, too! :)