August 02, 2005


"August 2nd"
Today marks the six month anniversary of my blog, tomorrow the six month anniversary of my biopsy. I have told some of you that I can’t go back and re-read the early writings, it's to hard and somewhat uncomfortable to cry at work. I just reviewed the first one, 2-2-05. It was written the day before my biopsy and my intuition at the time was right on, things were much worse. It's a dichotomy however, since that time many good things have happened and continue to happen. I, we, are trying to make the most of each day, the help, thoughts and prayers of others goes a long way to make that easier. A few thoughts on this milestone:
> 1 hole in one
> 1 job lost, 1 job found
> 58 posts in the blog
> 50 lbs lost, never to be found
> 130 smoothies
> 180 days is longer than you can imagine
> 1,000 bracelets is awesome
> 14 years ago, seems like yesterday, seems like forever

"August 3rd"
Tomorrow marks our fourteenth wedding anniversary. Like usual, I am ill prepared! Lunchtime today will mean dealing with my favorite species, the Retail Worker! No offense to anyone, I've been there, in fact that is where we met! I stalked her for several months before moving in for the kill, she never saw it coming!

In all seriousness, as I have mentioned before, she is why I am everything I am today! A toast, a bobble, a gift of any kind all pale in comparison to her love, kindness, her beauty. I love her beyond words!

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