August 19, 2005

50 Thoughts and Questions

1 Why?
2 Why me?
3 Why now?
4 Why this?
5 Why am I so lucky?
6 Why did we find each other?
7 I love her so much.
8 I could never imagine trying to get through this without her.
9 I amazed at the help total strangers offer.
10 Are we going to make a difference?
11 What will our son grow up to be?
12 Is anyone else scared?
13 6:00 is early
14 Why can't I just sleep in
15 Why do I always put so much on my "plate"
16 A Saturday afternoon nap would be nice
17 How long will grandma hang on (she's 99)
18 I wonder how many pounds of berries I've consumed since February
19 I want to feel sand between my toes
20 I want to watch the sunset over the ocean
21 I want to walk in the surf for miles……
22 I haven't been to a concert in almost 20 years
23 Will the Kenny Chesney concert be good?
24 I think I went to about 50 concerts before I was 20 years old
25 The Mississippi River Festival
26 Will the Cardinals win the World Series?
27 Why are professional athlete such idiots?
28 Just over paid little boys
29 I'm looking forward to the NHL season
30 I want to take my son to a Chiefs game, but worry about the behavior of others
31 Are we to protective?
32 I love a good thunderstorm
33 Lightening is so cool
34 It continues to amaze what people will do to help, if you just ask
35 It continues to amaze what people will do to help, if you just let them
36 I miss my mom, I wish I had known her better
37 Is it too early to start planning a trip to Italy for next June-July?
38 I want to stand in Vatican square in silent prayer
39 I'd love to meet the Pope
40 I'd love to meet Lance Armstrong
41 I'd love to meet the President
42 I'd love to meet Michael Milken
43 I never really had "heroes", though there were people I admired.
44 The list of people I admire is much different now
45 I really hope our golf tournament is successful
46 I want to make a difference, regardless
47 Is this Blog a weird way to share this experience?
48 I hope there is not a limit on entries, I plan to be writing this dribble many years from now
49 I wonder how many people have been tested as a result of this?
50 There is nothing….without hope!

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