April 11, 2012

Specialized Plumber Needed

After stopping the XL 184 back on the 1st of April, we were expecting some positive changes. By last weekend, I did start seeing changes, but not so positive.

Friday night into Saturday morning, I began to experience mild pain in both femurs and in several areas of my back. Sunday morning I experienced several episodes of vomiting for the first time. It happened later that day again and both Monday and yesterday morning as well.

A call to Boston didn't lead to much insight into my potential situation, as Mary was told that most people start feeling back to their normal selves after a few days of stopping the trial drug.

By Monday afternoon Mary called my local oncologist in Kansas City to alert him of her concerns with my deteriorating condition. The big concerns were pain, limited and liquid only diet for several days, my increased weakness and the onset of dehydration.

Yesterday (Tuesday) I was at the KU Cancer Center by 8:15 AM and then admitted the the hospital itself by 1:00 PM. With a catheter in place and many,many liters of saline solution the concern is no urine is being passed. Additionally, the marker for my kidney function is 4 times higher than it should be and increasing.

This morning we will find out the outcome of all the tests and scans that have been taken.

Looks like I'm here for a few days, but my spirits are high and we will get through this, as we have before.


don muridan said...

I'm praying for ya...keep up the positive spirits..

Anonymous said...

Saying a prayer for you. Faith, Love, Hope, WIN!

Anonymous said...

David , I am saying a prayer that you will get back to normal and get things under control.
Dan J

Anonymous said...

Praying for you and your whole family!
Love in Him -
Alan and Debbie Foster

Sherry Luttrell said...

Hi David,
Sorry to hear about your kidney function. Terence recently went through all this (tumors on kidney ureters causing hydrophrenosis)- the good news is that with the stents you will have perfectly working kidneys.

We continue to pray for you.

Sherry & Terence/

marylanders said...

Hope the stents do the trick! Praying for strength for you and your family--you are so brave.

Anonymous said...

Sending prayers.

Anonymous said...

Get well soon! Sending prayers your way.

Beth L.

Anonymous said...

My thoughts are with you and Mary - saying a prayer for your quick recovery and return to wellbeing after the severe trial drug side effects.

Your friend in this battle,

John Wagner said...

Prayers for you, David, your family, and your doctors that they will find the best treatment path to get you back on your feet as soon as possible.

Anonymous said...

Oh David sorry you're dealing with additional problems. Prayers for you and the family for recovery and home soon.