April 08, 2012

Moving on

I always knew there would be an end to my current treatment, there is no cure after all. I knew it would only last so long. Like each of the proceeding treatments, this one was just me scuffling with the enviable, time.

My appetite had gotten so bad last week that we called the nurse in Boston on Monday morning. After consulting with the doctor, she called back and told me to stop taking the drug (XL-184). We don't know how quickly the side effects will subside, but we are hoping soon, so that I can get my strength back and resume some semblance of normalcy.

Mary and I will be going to Boston in the next several weeks. I will have scans done once again and then we will meet with our doctor. Item one on the agenda will be to determine our options - should we change the dosage to a lower amount, or what is next? There is a newer trial of XL-184 at 40mg (I'm still at 50mg), but I believe the way the trials work, to adjust to the 40 mg I would have to quit the existing trial I'm in and and qualify for the newer trial. If the new trial has an exclusion criteria for previous XL 184 patients, then I would not qualify and must pursue other options.

Once we determine the next treatment, I'll share the details. Since I was diagnosed with advanced prostate cancer, we have worked to support the research to find improved treatments and ultimately a cure for this dreadful disease. We are living proof of this need. For now, me move on with our heads held high and prayers on our lips and in our hearts.


Thandi said...

Hope something works so you can get that appetite sorted and gain strength for this non-stop search...

Anonymous said...

God bless you and yours

Anonymous said...

Good luck!

Beth L.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update. You're in our prayers. We hope your appetite returns this week.

Dave P.

jez said...

David, have you thought of trying salvestrols. They do not have any side effects and are effective against prostate cancer.

Anonymous said...

last week I was feeling very unwell culminating in a heart attack.

Ended up in hospital where they put in a stent.

Stayed for a couple of days but they wanted to keep me in longer. I argued with them that I had a life to get on with and didn't have the time to stay there.

The doctor asked where I got the positive attitude from and I told him about you and how you inspired me. He then said that he understood and let me go home.

My wife Kathryn and I just treat this as another step along the way - we pray for you every day.

love and prayers from across the pond,