January 31, 2012

An interesting thing happened on the way.......

Monday was my monthly oncologist appointment here in Kansas City. It went rather well, in fact I'd almost say it went great!

Dr. V provided new prescriptions to try to help with managing the side effects. The first is an appetite enhancer. I wish it had been prescribed for me initially when I started experiencing the nausea. The first dose seemed to help with dinner last night, I took the second dose before lunch today so should have an indication soon if it is consistently effective. Last night it really helped with nausea. I am hopeful that it will be the same today. The doctor is understandably concerned about my fatigue and weight loss due to the on-going nausea and intestinal issues. With not many treatment options, Mary and I are doing our best to stay positive and make informed decisions.  The doctor is very compassionate and open to helping us choose the right path.

The other three scripts were for potassium (mine is low!), another type of medicine to try as an option to combat the nausea, and a refill on another drug I take to help me to sleep.

I also received an update on my PSA, the last three measures were:
Dec 5:  1,961
Jan 3:    1,317
Jan 30:  1,799

Those are rather wild swings and we are trying not to focus on the PSA, although it is rather difficult to ignore a number that high. We continue to try to focus on the good news from Boston last week after the bone and CT scans, with increased shrinkage in the tumors in my bones and the CT scan showing that the organs are still clear. We have very much to be thankful for!


Tom Blair said...

Bananas' and peanut butter, full of potassium. Tom B

Swati Mittal said...

you need to change the subject line in the blog to reflect the fact that you are now 49 :-)

Paul said...

Good news, David. I hope things keep going your way. Mandy and I continue wishing good things for you and Mary.

K said...

You (and the whole fam) continue to be in our daily prayers! You continue to be an inspiration to many.