January 08, 2012


First of all, although things are slightly better, my intention to start the year off with a bang and my goal to post multiple blogs has fizzled. I'll try to get better the year goes on, I promise.

I'd like to start with two prayer requests. There are multiple men I could list but tonight my mind is on Terrance from Seattle and a former neighbor of ours Jennifer. Terence had his 4th chemo infusion this week as well as a blood transfusion. He's having a rough time, so please find a minute for T.  Jennifer is battling stage IV colo-rectal cancer. She is planning to head to MD Anderson in a few weeks and I hope and pray that she will find a clinical trial that proves to be an effective treatment for her cancer. Again, please include them both in your prayers.

This week I had my monthly Oncologist appointment here in Kansas City. A few of my blood markers are borderline low, potassium was one. Initially, we are going to try to increase the level with diet.Mary already came back from the store with lots of bananas, avocado and coconut water. As bad as my appetite has been, I was happy that more things weren't out of whack!

Before I break the big news I have to remind you all of a few things: first the clinical trial medicine that I am taking addresses bone tumors. Though they measure my PSA in Boston, the doctor and I don't discuss it. It is the bone scan that is the key marker.

We knew my PSA would rise because as part of the trial I had to stop taking androgen blockers. It was a risk we were willing take at the time. This week we asked my local Oncologist for my PSA and though Tuesday's measurement was not ready, my December 5th reading was 1,961. That is up from 1,043 in November and around 400+/- when we started the trial on August 30th.

On one hand, it's just a number, the scans are what's important (I tell myself in a semi-convincing manner). On the other hand I think, "Holy Roger Maris! 1,961"! From there the questions begin to mount, questions that I will be discussing with Dr. S when I return to Boston later in the month. Short term, I'm not to worried, what this might mean and how it will impact my treatment long term is what I am concerned with mostly.


Anonymous said...

Love you, David. We have had a fun day. Epiphany Sunday. LOL watching football and talking it up on Facebook.

Anonymous said...

The PSA is just a number and this might be one of those times that it isn't the best indicator of what's going on with your cancer....If the bone tumor mass is reduced, that's the best!!! You are amazing and we will keep you and your friends in our prayers. Love, Sherry

Sherry Luttrell said...

Hi David-
it's nice that the doc on the trial doesn't discuss PSA/it wouldn't change the course of current treatment, so that's smart :)
Meanwhile, we continue to pray for MUCH success for you on this trial!!!!!
Thank you for the prayers: looks like T is headed for another transfusion. This is supposedly his last chemo (for now). How long were you on Taxotere? We were hoping for a 6 month stint- but no such luck- barely making it to 12 weeks.

Thanks David, for all you do.
Blessings to you this week friend.
Sherry & Terence

dayna smith said...

As my dad's doctor tells us all the time--the PSA is one of many markers, not the only one. Thumbs up for 2012!

Redspect said...

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