January 18, 2012

Winter's got a hold on me

As I mentioned in my last post, I had this big plan to blog a lot this year. I’ll eventually catch fire and start to post more, but for now, winter’s got a hold on me and I just don’t feel very creative or motivated. I can't complain about the weather that we have had so far this season, but it is still winter.

There are no real changes in my health. The fatigue is a little better. I have been in the office full time for seven straight days. The lack of appetite and diarrhea continue. The former is constant, the latter day to day.

I will share that I am reading the Steve Jobs biography. While I was always a fan and thought highly of him, this book has totally changed my opinion. To me, his management style and the way he treated people completely take away from his creative brilliance. I’m just half way through with the book, but cannot image there is some hidden gem in the latter half of the book that will change my perception of the man. Once again, his work and the products Apple created upon his return in the late 1990’s are unheralded,  but at what cost to his family, friends and those that worked for him. This is just my opinion, you can decide on your own. The book is a thousand pages, and for the most part, a page turner.

Since we didn’t go to St. Louis over the holidays, we have been pleased to have family visit here in KC. Last weekend  my brother Doug and his wife Michelle came in.   We didn’t do much except watch some movies and football, but it was good to have the house full and spend time with them. The weekend coming up my other brother Dan, sister Barb and nephew Zach are coming. I look forward to that as well.

For now I will continue to trudge through winter. It has been extremely mild here in Kansas City and it looks like it might continue for the next several weeks. The next thing you know it will be spring, my favorite season of the year.


Brian - Prostate Cancer IV said...

Good to hear you are hanging in there David. Even your personal updates are good to hear that you are still chugging along.

Zena Weist said...

Thanks for the update. Our family keeps you close to our hearts with our prayers and send ya hugs of hope. Here's to Spring - it's only about 6 weeks away!!