July 07, 2011

You too!

I don't like the term 'bucket list'. It infers that ultimately there is an end. I prefer to focus on what to do in the present.I'm not saying I don't have a list, as a matter of fact I posted a list here years back that I should probably review.

With this in mind, I spent my the last two days in Chicago with a dear friend. We were there to see the band U2 in concert at Soldier Field. This was my first time seeing this band in concert and they didn't disappoint, it was great! The stage cannot be explained, it is enormous! For those of you who are not fans I'll just say this, U2 is one of the few bands that after having been together for over 30 years you can sense that they enjoy what they are doing and more importantly, enjoy being with each other and being a band. Short of providing the set list, I'll just say it was a splendid mix of new and old.

One of the best parts of the trip was the fact that we never went to the miracle mile/Michigan Ave. I say that because of the dozens of times I have been to downtown Chicago, I have always stayed in and around Michigan Ave. This time we stayed one night at a friend's place up near Wrigleyville and last night at another friend's place in Old Town. I appreciated both their hospitality and the exposure I had to a new part of Chicago, truly a new experience for me.

We rode the El, took a few cabs and walked, a LOT! I would guess we walked 10+ miles yesterday alone and for me, I loved every step of the adventure! We ate great food, enjoyed cold beverages, met new friends, laughed, talked and generally soaked up the beauty of the windy city.

I'm trying to figure out how to get to St. Louis to see the band perform once again on July 17th!!

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Anonymous said...

A fantastic trip . . .Even better than the anticipation. So glad we were able to make it happen!