July 15, 2011

Plans make a bitter pill

I guess a little medical update might be appropriate right about now...

I'll start with what I 'know' instinctively based on how I am feeling and sense what is going on inside me. First, I have several swollen lymph nodes on the left side of my neck, where the neck and shoulder meet. These showed up in my last CT scan (December). They have increased in size, I can feel them but they don't bother me. If they became a problem surgery or radiation are options, but they are not a problem at this point. My guess or instinct tells me there are a few others in my abdomen that have increased in size. This is soley based on the occasional ache and pain that comes and goes is my lower abdomen/lower rear ribs.

I have a similar feeling regarding my bone mets or tumors. I know the next scans are very likely to show either growth in existing areas or new areas altogether. As much as my PSA has gone up over tyhe past six months and the inability to start a new treatment protocal, I believe these concerns are almost guaranteed.

So what lies ahead? What are we doing about it? First in order to remain sane and functional, we have to remain both calm and hopeful.

On Friday, July 1st, Mary spoke to the clinical trial nurse in Boston. Here is what we know right now. At the end of July we tentatively should get the green light to go to Boston four weeks later. At that time I will have several additional tests to confirm I am eligible for the trial. If I am, I would begin taking the medication (oral) at that time. I would then have to return to Boston every three weeks for four more visits. After that the appointment frequency would change to to 6 week intervals.

So four weeks of uncertainty, followed by four weeks of 'terror' and follow that up with a lot of travel time.
Having a new treatment that results in less pain and better PSA scores will make it all worth it!


Swati Mittal said...

David - It will work out..just hang in there.

Swati Mittal

Merle said...

Good Luck David! I am proud of the way you are listening to your body. That sense of internal body activity will be a valuable guide to you on your journey. May the "PCa Detection Force" be with you!!

Marylanders said...

Crossing our fingers that you get into the trial! You are a true pioneer and source of information and inspiration to so many people who face similar challenges.