April 13, 2011

Worries come creaping back

It never ceases to amaze me how fast the days are flying by! Is it really the middle of April already? Wow.

Before I get to me, there are a few guys out there I have been thinking about a lot today and add to my worries. I pray for a long list of fellow PCa survivors regularly, but there are two that are on my mind today.

Dan Z celebrated his one year anniversary. My guess is, like the rest of us, it's rather subdued. I hope he does nothing more than spend the time with his family. After all, does anything else really matter?

There is another young man, and when I say young, Gabe is only in his mid-thirties. Today he found out his PSA jumped considerably. He was first diagnosed last summer and was hoping to manage his case for as long as possible. Now it appears he might have to make a treatment decision sooner versus later.

Then there is me. Lately I find myself waiting, worrying, wondering if the clinical trial drug is ever going to work? If not, then what? Worry, it's beating me down, but I'm not out.

A short post I know, but this is where I'm at.


Pappi said...
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Bob Evans said...

hang in there David, I look forward to seeing you in DC with ZERO.

feel free to reach out to me, I'm here to listen

Merle said...

Well David you and I have had our PCa adventures and we continue to search for the next opportunity. We continue and I hope you know that you are always in my nightly prayers

Anonymous said...

Hang in there David. This moment in time will pass as you have more grit than Rooster Cogburn.


Dave G said...

I found your blog and I spent hours reading every post from the beginning. You are an inspiration and it gives me hope that I have a good many years to go. I am at the beginning of my journey. Diagnosed Gleason 8-9 in 2008 at age 50. I have 5 children from 24 down to 10. Prostectomy in fall 2008 - seminal invasion. PSA never went to 0 - but it was pretty low at 0.1 and rising. Had abdominal radiation and lupron for 6 months. PSA undectable until Jan 2011. Now slowly rising. Still very low at 0.08. But based on Gleason sure to keep rising. I plan on visiting Dr. Meyers in June. Any progressive thinking PC doctors in the NYC area that you can recommend? Most I have talked to, even at Sloan, never mention any of the drugs that Dr. Meyers mentions or the sequence of drugs you have gone through. Good luck and I will be reading your posts as they come out.

Dave G

Anonymous said...


It is overwhelmingly obvious that you have touched so many lives. Right now as you read this God is by your side. He has been with you through it all. He has seen how you decided to handle this cross. He must be pleased with how many people you have helped and the inspiration you are. I am certain God has a plan for you and I am certain He is so proud of you as a selfless person and He is and always will be there for you in any time of need.
Gob bless you and yours.

Brian - Prostate Cancer IV said...

I appreciate the time and thought that you put into continuing to post, even if it is just where your mind is right now. I know that it is comforting to read that you are still actively fighting for yourself and for all of us. I treasure your blog and I know many, many others do as well.