April 06, 2011

Flight 922

Tomorrow is what I am hoping will be, my second to last trip to Atlanta. As I’ve written here before, I have the trip down like clockwork, however it’s getting old. To get right to my point, I really hope KU Cancer Center gets their approval for the trial in the next few weeks. If they do get approved, I can stop making these trips and the timing will make the transition smooth and easy.

Spring is in full bloom in Atlanta and I hope I can find a few minutes to enjoy it tomorrow. 
The challenge will be to dedicate the free time to two work conference calls right after my doctor appointment, so the down time will be quite limited on this trip. Ultimately, it will make the waiting time pass quickly.

The last two weeks went by so fast, they are a blur. Nothing eventful happened and almost the entire time was pain free. My streak of three weeks without Advil ended yesterday. I think between yard work on Saturday, the amount of walking over the weekend and the fact I worked out Monday morning,  I might have over done things just a bit. On the proverbial doctor's scale of pain (1-10, 10 being the worst), this is a 2.5 tops. The good news is it only bothers me when I walk and it’s just something I live with from time to time.

With the arrival of Spring I have a lot of plans for our yard and gardens. I’m just praying the body cooperates! I'll just have to pace myself, something I struggle with all the time.

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Anonymous said...


You never know how your story can touch the lives of others... It's been over a month since your presentation in Philly but I hear your words like it was just last week. I share your story often and check your blog for good news. My Dad was a cancer patient and I understand how important it is to have prayer, hope and family during your journey. Thank you for sharing... You are in my thoughts.