March 15, 2011

Monday's a pain but Thursday's a grind

I made my third bi-weekly trip to Atlanta this past week. Although I’ve got the thirteen hour round trip down to a science, last night I realized how quickly it has become a real drag.

I’m getting quite a bit of reading done, and I sleep really well on Thursday nights after the trip .However, half way though the three month bi-weekly process, I’m ready for it to be over.  It's very worth every trip if we see a reduction in my PSA and we are able to regain some control of the caner with the Abiraterone.

There is a rumor the same trial will open here in Kansas City, perhaps in April. That would be ideal since I have already booked the flight for the next three trips. I have held off the April 24th trip because of this and because the airfare on that particular date is $300! The chances of the rate changing are slim, but you never know.

I saw blooming dogwoods while I was on the MARTA Thursday and that means one thing, Spring is here. My favorite time of the year! Ash Wednesday, Lent and soon Easter. Our hyacinth are peeking up and I really cannot wait to get outside and spend time in our yard.

Thursday’s grind will certainly get tougher over the next few weeks as the signs of Spring continue to increase.

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Anonymous said...

David...I appreciate your blog so much. My husband has advanced prostate cancer that has metastasized throughout his skeletal structure. He is on his second round of chemo...Taxotere and carboplatin, although he reacted to the carboplatin last week and they decided to go to just Taxotere. (The nurses didn't notice his reaction at first because we were in Manhattan and they were all watching the K-State b-ball game during the Big 12 tournament!) We are anxiously awaiting FDA approval for Abiraterone Acetate...hopefully in or before July. Where may I follow up the rumor about the trial in Kansas City? We are less than 200 miles from KC, and though our oncologist is less than thrilled with the info I gave him about the trial, we may just need to go ahead and do it. Thanks for any help you can give me, and may God continue to bless you.

Heather D, Waterville KS