March 09, 2011

In so many ways

Saturday night, in the midst of the annual dinner/auction at our church, I received recognizition for supporting  the auction committee and for the accomplishments of FLHW.

This came as a complete and total surprise to me. As our Church Administrator, FLHW Board member and dear friend read those gracious and kind words, I was numb. It was the exact opposite of how I felt last week in Philadelphia. Thank goodness I wasn't asked to speak, this was different. This was a room filled with family and friends, and I would have wept like a toddler. Chris, Rob, Beth and whoever else was involved, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Later on in the evening a fellow parishioner approached me to both congratulate me and offer a vey generous donation to FLHW. Wow, pile on my weaken emotional state! Once again, I have to say I am amazed by the kindness of people.


Tomorrow is my next bi-weekly trip to Atlanta. I'm still feeling good and though my numbers were up after the first month of Abiraterone, I am confident in the doctor's prediction that it can take several months for the drug to take effect.

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Bernie J said...

Hi David - Just want to say what an inspiration you are to me and our entire organization at Centocor. Thank you for speaking to us last week. Keep the faith.