March 23, 2011


This post marks quite a milestone, it's number 601! That's approximately one-hundred per year for the last six years!  I never thought I'd have this much to say or share but I proved myself wrong.

Spring has arrived in Kansas City and that means rain.  We received rain showers several times last week.  More importantly the rain means we will also have beautiful spring mornings.

It was 52 degrees when the guys teed off at disc golf Sunday morning. I was the score keeper once again.  Growing up in St. Louis I was familiar with large, planned urban parks (Forest Park). In Kansas City we have Swope Park. Like Forest Park it contains the Zoo, outdoor theater (Starlight), a golf course and in Kansas City's case, a beautiful disc golf course. Sunday morning, amongst other sightings and sounds we saw Missouri Blue birds and an eight point white-tailed deer. It pains me to be on injured reserve as I rest my hips for the time being, but the sights and sounds of nature, along with the time with friends makes up for my lack of participation.

It was close to 80 Sunday so I cleaned up various winter time debris in the garden, move some hostas and lilies and piddled around in the yard and enjoyed the beautiful weather.

Thursday it's time for another day trip to Atlanta, I can't wait to see how Spring has enveloped Hot-Atlanta!

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