August 23, 2009

What a weekend

Here's what you do when you have cancer - you try to ignore it. Maybe not ignore, perhpas it's better if I say go on without it as best you can.

Friday, I left work a little early and joined a friend on his sailboat at Lake Perry. Lake Perry is about an hour from here, between Lawrence and Topeka, KS. It was a bit windy when we arrived but we were out on the lake by 6:30 PM and were able to sail for two hours.
It was unbelievably relaxing and Jim, I'm ready to go back when you are!!

Yesterday, I played disc golf with a smaller crowd since some of the guys were out playing in a tournament. It was good to see Mark back out with us. He's first and foremost a ball golfer but I think he's slowly but surely getting the bug, plus his back is feeling better. Regarding my game, I just couldn't catch Rich, falling one shot short.

Last night we had family over for dinner on the patio and then enjoyed a fire in the fire pit. We really enjoyed the evening. The weather remains unseasonably's hard to believe it's August in Kansas City.

Today we drove to Emporia, KS and played in a disc golf tournament. I joined Pete, Steve and Steve. I played better in the morning than the afternoon and finished in a tie with Pete for 6th place. Yet another Steve played lights out this afternoon to move from 6th to 2nd place. Sometimes it's really fun to watch another guy you are playing with tear it up. He's also one of those very quiet, humble guys - great job Steve H.!!

So not real exciting to read, but I hope you found it to be worth sharing. I just wanted to share with you the fact that I'm not slowing down!


Louie said...

Way to go David. I'm like you. I accept, do something about it and move on. Allocating different time frames to different activities always work for me, it keeps my mind focus on the situation at hand. Keep up the good work. Good luck to you.

Anonymous said...


Happy to hear that you got to sail on Perry. That's where I half-learned to sail also. Be careful, sailing is habit forming. I'd highly recommend the man overboard drill in a quiet cove especially on a hot summer day. Watch out for the pirates.


Anonymous said...

I once read a book saying: " Don't squander your illness." The book was advising sick to do exactly what you are actually doing in practice. Keep up the self-less and prayerful spirit. God is with you and your family.

All the best!