August 10, 2009


I'm not sure if I have, or even should share the following? I figure, what the heck.

As we sat in Mass on Sunday and prayed, I stopped to think what I really was asking God for when I pray.
I don't ask for a cure to this disease, should I? Would that be selfish?
Mostly, I pray for time. I pray for good test results. I pray for happiness.

Next Monday is huge. Monday we will find out if re-starting Keto has helped. If not, we move on, but the options are not very encouraging.

The good news is that I feel great and would guess it is working, but we've been disappointed before, so I try not to get to excited. As Mary has put it, we are cautiously optimistic.

So I conclude with this:
God, give me strength
Allow me happiness in he midst of turmoil,
Provide me more time,
And the sense to know how to use it properly
In Jesus name,


Anonymous said...

Adding my prayers to yours.

Your friend,

Anonymous said...

I also pray for good lab results , When I go to Mass I thank God for letting Me be there.
I also pray that my cancer and that of Tom, David ,and Bill be cured.
I think Your prayer is beautiful
Dan J

Anonymous said...