August 18, 2009

A ten, not a perfect ten but I'll take it

Just a quick update from Monday

PSA, down 10%
Still 88 but the trend has been broken!

Also, the CTC (Circulating Tumor Cells) test came back at zero and my alkaline phosphates are normal!!

Not much else to report, four weeks from now we re-test for PSA again
and I get my quarterly Zometa infusion.

Now, back to my 'normal' life!


Anonymous said...

This is fantastic news
You have always been a good responder to keto , and the alk p ,and ctc being normal is great.
I am so happy for You
Dan J

Anonymous said...

Wonderful, wonderful news, David!
Your Florida Friends

Anonymous said...

Your news made my day! Get back to that normal life but celebrate a little too (or a lot)!

Your friend,

CMF said...

You are a true hero and inspiration. Congrats and sending good thoughts and prayers your way...

NYC friend