August 31, 2009

Slap!! That's the sound of reality smacking me in the face!

I'll try not to bore you with too many details, but this requires a little background...

Last Saturday, August 22nd, I played disc golf as usual. No big deal.
Sunday, I went to Emporia, KS to play in a disc golf tournament. On the way to Emporia
my right thigh/hip started to hurt a little bit. The best way to describe this is it that it is reminiscent of the original pain from five years ago.

I brushed it off to the 90 minutes in the car, but knew deep down it must have been more. I popped a couple Advil and really thought nothing more of it. Just as the second round started, I took a few more Advil and that I thought was the end of it.

Monday I got up to catch a plane to Orlando for work. I worked out, maybe too hard, and headed for the airport. Again, three hours of sitting and my leg wasn't feeling real good by the time I arrived in Florida, popped a few more Advil. I was able to catch a decent night sleep but Tuesday was 9 more hours of sitting in a meeting room. Not so good , my leg was reminding me who is in charge, more Advil.

This continued off and on all week, Advil about every 12 hours, but sleeping was not an issue. I took the weekend off from disc golf, which as you regulars know, was possibly the most painful part of my week!

The good news is it has now been over 48 hours since my last dose of Advil. The pain isn't gone 100% but I am feeling way better than I was on Friday night and Saturday afternoon.

I have felt this way at different times over the last four years but it has been a while. I had forgotten the paranoia, the dread, the deep feelings of doubt. You start to question the past decisions, the lack of future choices, the what if's, the what's next, etc.

I'm feeling better, much better now. We had an FLHW Board meeting tonight and just being able to sit with my close friends and sharing in conversation with them always helps.

Just a little speed bump? I guess we'll find out in two weeks when we meet with the doc!

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John Wagner said...

I certainly can relate to the paranoia of every new/old pain and the feeling of dread wondering if things are progressing. Many times I have felt sure the tests were going to be bad, only to be pleasantly surprised. I hope that is your experience this time, too. I know it will seem like a long two weeks waiting to see.