July 08, 2009

Once again....

Once again a week has passed and I have failed to post an update.
I do have a slight excuse, we spent the holiday weekend in Minneapolis with a dear friend.

The weather up there was ideal, low 80's and no humidity and not a hint of rain. We had not been there in years, literally it was before Brad was born, so we're talking 1995? For that I would like to apologize. Good friends are hard to come by and we should have visited long, long ago.

The four days were a whirlwind of activity; Mall of America, a Twins game, Lake Minnetonka, Excelsior, Lord Fletcher's, Wayzata, a visit by Mary's old house, Lake Reilly, an afternoon cruise on the Lake, spending the evening sitting around the fire pit twice, way too many toasted marshmallows, smores and almost 14 hours of driving.

On another note. work is becoming more and more stressful as we get closer to the offer of a job or you're out of a job stage. Many people I really enjoyed working with are leaving. It's going to be a much different place, if I am extended an offer to stay.

Next week I have appointments for an updated MRI and bone scans followed the next week by my monthly Oncologist appointment. More on that in a later post.

Time is flying, but I hope it's clear, I am taking time to enjoy a little of it!


Anonymous said...

Simply stated "YOU ROCK!!!" Thank you for being YOU! Thank you for this blog...you will truly never know how helpful it, AND YOU, is/are to the rest of us...I only pray it is equally helpfull to you. God Bless...Take Time...Enjoy Life...We WILL be here whenever you touch base...THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!! Cindy

Anonymous said...

David ,
I am glad You are taking time to visit old friends.
I am in Alaska, It has been a good fishing year.
I realize today I do not have one picture of myself on this pc , but will post one when I get to my home pc in a few weeks.