June 29, 2009

Where have you been?

June has not been a good month for the old blog. I've just been busy and otherwise mentally occupied.

On June 9th my 'Chemo-versary' came and went. It has now been 12 months since I started the chemo treatments. It seems like a lifetime ago.

Tomorrow would have been my Mom's 76th birthday. I find it really strange to imagine over 6 years have gone by since she passed! Talk about time flying!

Work has been a busy distraction. The pending merger was approved and now comes the headcount reductions and people positioning themselves for a role in the new company. I'm not one for 'playing the game'. I hope my historic results stand on their own. This is not to say I am standing by idly, but we'll see what happens.

Next month we are finally going to take some time off with trips to St. Louis, the lake and Minneapolis. We're just not certain at this point when we will do which.

There is also this Disc Golf event in town the last week of July. The World Disc Golf Championship (Professional and Amateur). It's four days and six rounds, and the opportunity of a lifetime. I'm still on the fence but leaning towards doing it!

That's all for now, have to go meet a cute blonde for lunch.

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