June 22, 2009

Doc, are you serious?

Today was my monthly doctor appointment. I am not sure where the time went...June is nearly over.

For the past weeks I have felt the same, no new aches and pains, no need for Advil or the like. As reported,
my knees hurt but Glucosamine is helping a little. I think chemo pretty much trashed my cartilage. As for cancer related pain, I really have none.

So, on to the test results. A little history; after leaving MD Anderson we agreed to pay more attention to everything going on instead of focusing primarily on PSA.

My PSA today was: 66.14
This is up from 55.13 last month. I was not at all surprised considering I am only taking Lupron at this time.

The three new tests came back looking like this:

Alkaline Phosphate (bone portion) - 6 [very low!]
Circulating Tumor Cells - 0 [excellent!!]

This was all followed by the fact they once again screwed up the forth test (the urine test). I could only ask, "Seriously?". Doc tried to lessen the blow by saying the other markers are indicating good things. I had to just bite my tongue and move on. He promised to write out very, very specific instructions for my appointment on the 14th. I'm not holding my breath.

So then we were off to the treatment center for a shot of Lupron and Zometa [a 25 minute infusion to strengthen my bones]. Turns out someone wrote the orders for next week, so it took 45 minutes to get that straightened out and then another hour to wait for the pharmacy. I'm really finding it hard to be patient in regards to the the service at the cancer center, but I will.

In the end, the plan is this; on the 14th I will have a bone and CT scan. The following week will be my usual four week appointment on the 20th. If at that time, my PSA has continued to climb we might start High Dose Ketoconazole once again. By then it will have been 17 months since I last took Keto and it MAY work again? Like a broken record, I guess we'll just wait and see.

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Kathy said...


I am so sorry you are having these problems. Does the cancer center have an administrator or an office manager? If they do you may want to have a talk. No cancer patient deserves what you have been going though. You have enough on your mind without adding this stress. It isn't healthy.