June 05, 2009

A long journey, that has just begun.

Tonight our foundation, Faith - Love - Hope - Win (flhw.org) is having our first in what I hope turns into an annual event. A very, very generous man has offered to donate 10 percent of the total sales (between 5 and 8 pm) at his greenhouse to our foundation. The details are within this flyer.

This however is not the point of today's blog. As I was coming into work today I was thinking about tonight and what Bill is doing for us and other non-profit groups here in Kansas City. I was also thinking about all the other people that are helping and have helped over the years. There are the smaller signs of support and large ones and the difference is not necessarily monetary. Sometimes it's the little things that touch me, like the simple beauty of that flyer. The two guys that helped us to design it were were so generous to offer their time and talent. One I barely know, the other I have never met, I don't even know his name.

I guess my points are these; not only am I deeply touched by their kindness and support but I am also rather proud that this little effort Mary and I began four years ago, is starting to gain some serious momentum. True, we'll never be Livestrong or Komen but that is not our goal or our purpose. It would be ideal for the Prostate cancer community if there was a single, national, powerful group, but that might be someone else's battle. FLHW has come a long way in four short years, $100,000 raised is nothing to sneeze at! 2009 however, in the midst of this economy, is going to be our best year yet!

I am wandering in my thoughts a bit today but it is my blog and sometimes I do that. I'd like to once again say thank you to our Board, all the volunteers, sponsors, players, donors and attendees that have helped make each of our events successful.

At times the world can be harsh and cruel and hard to live in. At other times the genrousity and kindness of strangers that reminds me that God put me here to help others and do my best to live a selfless life. For me, it's too bad it took so many years and Prostate Cancer for that to really sink in.


Ryan said...

Hey Dave -

Thank you so much for the kind words about the flyer. I'm so happy that I have the opportunity to help. You're doing great things and I'm honored to have the chance be a very small part in such a tremendous and important cause.

(and Jimmy)

Anonymous said...

Amen. Nice post David...